Susie Pettit STRENGTH MIND BODY with Brenda Stephens

Watch or listen to Brenda talk about “Narcissism and Healing from Narcissistic Abuse” with host Susie Pettit from Strength Mind Body. You can listen to the podcast or watch it below. Date Aired: November 1, 2023

Kristen Boice, with guest Brenda Stephens.

In this episode, Kristen and Brenda delve into the truth about narcissism and the process of healing from narcissistic abuse. They also explore the three types of narcissists and highlight the red flags to watch out for in narcissistic relationships. | Date Aired: July 26, 2023

Kathy Mason with Brenda Stephens

Are you in a relationship with someone who seems too good to be true? Are you constantly feeling drained, confused, and manipulated? You might be dealing with a covert narcissist. In this powerful and eye-opening documentary by filmmaker James Bonato, you’ll hear the stories of three survivors who have faced the devastating effects of covert narcissism. Through their candid and emotional accounts, you’ll learn about the subtle signs and tactics used by these master manipulators to control and exploit their victims.

The Unfiltered Podcast with Brenda Stephens

Protecting your reality during gaslighting, overcoming the feeling of incompetency, not taking responsibility for others’ behavior, and cognitive dissonance are the topics that Brenda will cover in this episode. | Date Aired: January 21, 2023

The Unfiltered Podcast with Brenda Stephens

Listen to Brenda talk about “Narcissism and Shame” in the latest podcast. This episode will help give you a comprehensive understanding of narcissism and help you protect yourself and/or heal from narcissistic abuse. | Date Aired: December 28, 2022

Hope After Narcissistic Abuse Podcast with Brenda Stephens

Listen to Brenda talk about “Patterns in Narcissists” with host Amy Helms | Date Aired: December 27, 2022

Winning Ways Podcast with Brenda Stephens

Watch Brenda talk about “Living with a Narcissist” with host Stephanie E. R. Solomon. You can watch the podcast on YouTube or watch it below on this website. Date Aired: September 17, 2022

Therapy Talks Podcast with Brenda Stephens

Watch or listen to Brenda talk about “5 Clear Signs You’re With A Narcissist” with host Barb Egan from Therapy Talks. You can listen to the podcast or watch it below. Date Aired: June 27, 2022

Therapy Chat Podcast with Brenda Stephens

Listen to Brenda talk about “Narcissistic Abuse” with host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C | Date Aired: January 13, 2022

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Therapy is about learning to love yourself and grow despite your past. It is about welcoming your struggles with the same strength and enthusiasm that you receive your victories, for it is through our struggles that we grow.

1104, 2024

Finding Freedom: The Art of Letting Go of Toxic Relationships
The journey towards personal growth often involves the difficult decision to part ways with people who poison our well-being. Toxic relationships can drain us emotionally, physically, and mentally, leaving us feeling diminished and disoriented. But how do we liberate ourselves from the grasp of such harmful bonds? This

104, 2024

Nurturing Self-Esteem and Reducing Negative Self-Talk: A Vital Ingredient for a Fulfilling Life
Self-esteem is the mirror through which we view ourselves – not just superficially, but deep down at our core. It reflects our beliefs about our worth and abilities and plays a crucial role in navigating life, relationships, and challenges. A healthy level of self-esteem is essential for a

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