Documentary: Running With a Covert Narcissist

Brenda has been highlighted in a short documentary by James Bonato. Watch the entire film below.

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Therapy is about learning to love yourself and grow despite your past. It is about welcoming your struggles with the same strength and enthusiasm that you receive your victories, for it is through our struggles that we grow.

2109, 2023
Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse: Reclaiming Your Identity with Professional Guidance for Recovery
Narcissistic abuse is a deeply traumatic experience that can leave lasting scars on a person’s self-esteem, mental health, and overall well-being. Victims of narcissistic abuse often find themselves stripped of their identity, constantly doubting their worth, and struggling to regain their sense of self. However, there is hope for
1301, 2023

The inconsistent behaviors of a toxic relationship produce a potent cocktail of addictive hormones.

Oxytocin (AKA the “Love” hormone) is the bonding hormone released during cuddling, hugging, sex, massage, and other forms of touch.

Dopamine is the happy hormone. It is released when someone receives attention and affection or when they anticipate receiving attention and affection.

Adrenaline is an

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